The Passion for Online Success: What Sets the Best Website Designers Apart

There is one thing that sets the best web designers apart from the crowd of second class designers: passion. The best designers have a real passion for creating functional, beautiful websites that please clients as well as hundreds of thousands of visitors drawn in by those clients.

There are many web designers who are just focused on making money. They design websites in the same robot manner that customer service agents sit in small cubicles and answer one phone call after the other. There is no enthusiasm in their work. There is no deep thought process that goes into the design of any individual website.

You can often identify the work of these less-than-passionate designers because most of their work looks like it was simply produced in mass with a cookie cutter. The same features and design elements show up on one website after the other and there is little to nothing that could be considered original on any given site.

Clients may originally be pleased with the product produced by these web designers, but once they realize that many of their competitors have the same basic site with just some color variations they are suddenly far from enthused.

Passion Brings a Different Result

Now consider the customers of a more passionate web designer. They are just as pleased about their websites months after it is delivered to them. Many use their websites for years before going with a new design. This is because their sites are highly original and were created specifically for their own needs.

When you look at the portfolio of past work for one of these passionate designers you wont’ find cookie cutter sites that look eerily like one another. You will find a lot of very different web designs that fit perfectly with the type of business or information the site serves.

You will find yourself instantly drawn to these websites rather than wondering where you have seen it before. This is because unique, personalized designs entertain and educate visitors while cookie cutter sites bore or confuse visitors. That is the difference between a web designer who loves what they are doing and one that just wants to put out the work quickly so they can get paid.

Finding the Passionate Designers

You may need to do a bit of research and analysis to find the designers that are truly passionate about what they do. You will need to look at some portfolios, talk to some designers, and see what they are all about. You will also need to look at their own websites to see how much time they put into setting it up and designing it for their own purposes.

You should be instantly drawn to a website advertising web design services. This is their first chance to really show you what they can do, so you should see a lot of very entertaining and unique features when you explore these websites.

If they can’t be bothered to put together a really great website for their own business, what makes you think they will put more attention and detail into designing yours? They probably won’t, so just move on and keep searching for those web designers who know what they are doing and love doing it.