Famous Animated Studio Logos: What Sets These Free Cartoon Logo Designs Apart?

What makes the symbols of some famous animated studios different from the rest?

Is it their surrealism and a hint of fairy tale like imagination?

Let’s have a look at some of the famous animated houses and see what makes these free cartoon logo designs artistic and innovative:

1. Walt Disney Animation Studios:

Their brand mark reminds us of old times when watching Mickey Mouse movies used to be the high light of the day. By using the old fashioned image of the most popular mouse in the world, they have found an easy association with their audience while maintaining its simplicity. Their emblem consists of an image from the ‘Steamboat Willie’ which is one of the oldest Walt Disney animations. The beige background reinforces the antique look while the dark colors in the company name give it a more contemporary look.

2. Dream works Animation:

This famous brand mark consists of an illustration of a boy sitting on a moon with a fishing rope in his hands. The midnight blue night is surrounded by clouds which give a surreal and imaginative feel to the entire emblem. Since all of us, at one time or another, have dreamt of sitting on the moon, the emblem depicts childlike innocence and dreams easily which makes this mark artistic and inspired.

3. Pixar:

They are the famous animators of legendary movies like Despicable Me and Cars. Their brand mark simply consists of their company name with double space between each letter and a lamp substituting the letter I in the brand mark. The background of the emblem is light blue in color which gives a very soothing and comfortable touch to the figure. The only feature that makes this design memorable and unique is the use of a metallic lamp which is an image of Luxo, Jr, the main character in the company’s second feature production.

4. Universal:

This company is well known for their movies as well as their animations. Their symbol is consistent everywhere with the image of a global behind the company name in big and bold fonts. The only minor difference in the universal cartoon studio design is their animated touch to the brand mark. Here, the bright colors of the global look like it has been illustrated instead of consisting of their usual realistic touch.

5. MGM Cartoon Logo:

While they have also maintained their consistent ‘Leo the lion’ image in the animated field, the bright blue and maroon colors in the background along with a comic touch separates this symbol from its brothers.

6. Paramount:

Similar to Universal, the cartoon logo is also consistent everywhere whether it’s their movies or their animations. The monogram consists of a pyramid-like mountain with the company name surrounded with small stars over it. The slight difference for the cartoon studio is that their logo has a deep illustrative touch which feels like this design has been drawn instead of photographed.

In a nutshell, for a monogram of any animated production house, it is important that it generates the same level of imagination and creativity that their cartoons portray. By looking at the design, the customer should be reminded of his childhood and times of innocence and laughter.

Benefits of Apartment Sized Sectional Sofas

Every person who owns an apartment wants it to look very attractive. Furniture is the main aspect in decorating your house; it should be selected very carefully in order to make your house look perfect. The things which you need to keep in mind are the entire latest and modern decor which includes color, shape, design and size. Furniture requires huge investment, so it is better that you make decisions very thoroughly so that you avoid regretting it later.

Living room is the main area of your apartment, where all your guests will be seated, it should have that perfect sofa set which impress your guests and make it everlastingly comfortable for them. There are uncountable options of sofa sets in the market. All are of different designs and look so beautiful in their showrooms. However, you have to make sure that the one you want to select looks good in your living room or not.

It is recommended to people living in apartments that they buy sectional sofas which fit in their houses. As their living rooms are small, they need sofas which are small, comfortable and beautiful at the same time. For these types of people, there are especially designed apartment sized sectional sofas which look really good in their homes.

You can arrange these sectional sofas in any manner and style you want and whenever you want because they are very easy to carry. It is good to keep on changing the look of your living room and by having sectional sofas it would not be much difficult for you. They have dual functions; they can even occupy empty spaces in your room as well as make your home look spacious and less congested. Two or three persons can easily lift up these sofas and place them anywhere they want.

These sectional sofas provide the comfort of a real bed. A good number of people can be seated on them. Sometimes people living in apartments have this issue that they do not have any guest room for their guests. Sectional sofas can serve as beds for their guests. They will feel very comfortable in sleeping on these cozy sofas.

They come in leather as well as in microfiber too; it is not at all difficult to keep them clean. They can be easily cleaned with mild detergent or absorbent cloth. However it is important that you follow the instructions given to clean them.

Tattoo Galleries Review: Where To Find Great Tattoo Designs Online

There are a lot of tattoo galleries online. There are the ones that offer great designs while there are others that could turn out to be a total disappointment. You can never tell if a tattoo gallery has a wide-range of amazing tattoo designs or is only offering limited designs to be viewed. To avoid wasting time checking each site, your tattoo galleries will be cut down to three namely Chopper, Tattoo Me Now and LA Ink. All of them offer the same things which are tattoo designs. The question is which one offers quality designs, which one has the biggest selection and which gallery would win in terms of usability? To find out, read the review of each gallery.


If you are a person who is into tattoos or a tattoo artists who is collecting designs for your customers to choose, this Chopper Tattoo Review is for you. Chopper boasts the possibly largest selection of tattoos online with more than 38,000 designs and counting since each day, new designs are added to the database. Their designs are not the typical designs mostly offered on the internet, theirs are award-winning ones. For easy search, designs have been categorized accordingly. To make it even easier, a tattoo finder is also provided. If you want to gain access to their selection, you need to become a member. You need to pay a one-time fee that comes with a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Tattoo Me Now

If you are just having a hard time looking for the “perfect ink,” Tattoo Me Now Review is perfect for you. Tattoo Me Now offers 4,852 designs in 40 categories. Not too much but just enough to help you find that ultimate design. You need to be a member of the site and pay a one-time fee, which you can get back if you are not satisfied. Apart from the high-quality tattoos, membership comes with access to discussion forum, tattoo events, news and articles. You can also submit your own designs and make money out of them if they got accepted.

LA Ink

Whether you are looking for tattoo designs or you are a tattoo artist who is collecting designs for your customers to choose, you should read LA Ink Tattoo Designs Review. If you are a member, you can have instant access to LA Ink’s 30,000 beautiful tattoo designs. There are 60 categories to choose from. A search gallery according to color and size makes it easy to browse through the designs. Apart from the tattoo designs, LA Ink also provides important tattoo information such as tattoo meanings & symbols, tattoo infection prevention and tattoo aftercare. You can also pick up useful tips such as how to choose tattoo and tattoo artists and more.